PoKeFPV RTF micro copter with camera and video transmitter

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  • Cat No: pokefpv
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Optionally you can get the BNF version of the PoKeFPV with an integrated FrSky receiver and an F3 flight controller with Betaflight firmware. It binds directly to an FrSky module or radio.


PoKeFPV is exceptionally tough and agile micro copter with a camera and a video transmitter on board. The RTF set includes everything you need to get flying immediatelly - a remote control (2x AA batteries will be needed), a battery for the copter, a charger... and the PoKeFPV itself. The copter will give you countless hours of joy and flying fun, and the specially designed frame with prop guards will keep those props safe during bumps and crashes, so you can enjoy the flight and not worry about damage! The battery takes around 20-30 mins to fully charge, and lasts about 3-4 mins in flight, depending on the flying style (additional batteries can be purchased separately). In order to watch the live video feed from the PoKeFPV you will need either video goggles with a 5.8Ghz receiver, а 5.8Ghz video receiver connected to a monitor (check out the "Related products" below), or the optional OTG FPV module, which is a 150 channel video receiver that you connect to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Here is a full review of the copter and OTG module: http://arxangelrc.blogspot.bg/2016/12/pokefpv-indoor-quad-small-ultra-tough-tons-of-fun.html

Motor centre to motor centre (diagonally): 66mm
Dimentions: 83.5mm х 83.5mm х 45mm
Flying weight: 26.2 grams