Mini Power Distribution board

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  • Cat No: mini_pwr_dist_board
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This mini power distribution board is based on the dimensions of the new mini flight controllers, 36x36mm, that have become very popular recently. But don't let its mini size fool you that it can only be used on mini projects, the double-sided copper PCB can handle up to 50A continuous current, allowing you to use it even on 500 class quads. There are 8 positive and 8 negative output pads, as well as 2 input pads. This allows it to be used on min iocto and hexa project, as well as on larger quad projects leaving enough free pads to connect other electronics. This mini distribution board will make your wiring super clean and easy!!

Current: 50А
Dimensions: 36 х 36 х 1.5mm
Mounting holes: 30 х 30mm (Ø3)
Pads: 2 inputs, 8 positive and 8 negative outputs
Weight: 4.5 grams