FrSky XMR 6ch PWM Short Range receiver (ultra compact)

27,60 лв.
  • Brand:: FrSky Electronics
  • Cat No: xmr_receiver
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The XMR is the newest and smallest FrSky short range receiver from the new generation Х receiver that supports up to 6 PWM channels. XMR does not have any SBUS ports, and is the smallest, and lightest FrSky PWM receiver to date.

The receiver is exceptionally suited for indoor and parkflyer models due to its lighter weight, smaller size, and lower price compared the larger XSR and X4R receivers.

Dimensions: 15 х 14 х 3.5mm
Weight: 0.8 grams
Operating voltage: 3.7v до 10v
Operating current: 20mA @ 5v
There is an RSSI output on the board
Compatibility: The receiver is compatible with all X-series modules (XJT), Taranis X9D / X9D Plus, Taranis Q X7, Taranis X9E, and Horus X12S radio in D16 mode.