FeiYu Tech 2D 2-axis brushless gimbal for multi-rotors and airplanes

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  • Brand:: FeiYu Tech
  • Cat No: feiyu_2axis_gimbal
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This FeiYu Tech Mini 2D brushless gimbal is specifically designed to accomodate an even larger number of cameras - Turnigy HD Action Cam, GoPro 3, 3+ and 4, as well as other cameras with similar size and dimensions.

Weighting around 110 grams this is one of the lightest and most compact 2-axis brushless gimbals out there.

This gimbal is designed to operate absolutely autonomously from your flight controller and the only thing that it requires to work is power. The Pitch and Roll axis can be manually controller directly from your radio. In addition to this, you can also choose between 2 modes of operation that will ensure you can professionally capture your perfectly stable video.

  • Heading Follow Mode - allows the gimbal to follow the copter's Pitch and Roll angles, but it also eliminates and stabilizes all of the bumps and shakes to give you a smooth video.
  • Heading Lock Mode - locks the gimbal's position by providing full stabilization of all movement and only allows change of the position via the radio control.

In addition to all that you can do with this gimbal there is also a GoPro video cable included in the kit, which will allow you to get video out of the camera to your video transmitter.

The FeiYu Tech Mini 2D brushless gimbal is compact, light, neat and feature-packed, which makes it the perfect addition to your FPV and video gear. The gimbal can be mounted inverted for installation on airplanes.

User manual, PC drivers, software, and gimbal firmware updates can be found HERE.

Input voltage: 7 to 17v
Overload protection: 800mAh
RC input: Pitch, Roll and Modes
Pitch angle: 90° down / 45° up
Roll angle: +/- 45°
Dimensions: 90mm х 90mm х 86mm (without camera)
Weight: 110 grams (without camera)